Zimbabwe: 83 Students Off to Russia, Algeria

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Dozens of students continue to benefit from presidential and national scholarship programs annually with another 83 leaving for Russia and Algeria to study science.

Minister of Higher and University Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Professor Amon Morra, who was representing President Mnangagwa, yesterday chaired a farewell ceremony for 68 students heading to Algeria and 15 heading to Russia.

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Students will pursue various science programs including engineering, pharmacy, material science, and mathematics.

Speaking at the ceremony, Professor Mroueh said the country is in dire need of transformation as it seeks to increase the capacity to produce its goods and services.

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“Our national strategic goal is what the nation wants to become and that is to be the upper middle income economy by 2030. To achieve that we have to develop capacity and it comes from learning from other countries.

“The education they receive should not only be degrees but should be able to meet basic human needs such as water, food, health, communications and innovation, among others. Education should have a purpose and benefits,” he said.

Skills, knowledge and awareness will develop the ability to increase production especially in mining and manufacturing.

“These are the builders of our nation, and it is our duty to support them,” he said.

The expulsion of students to other countries showed that there was a warm and fruitful friendship with Russia and Algeria