‘We had to fight for the crown’: Seven-year-old Angela Roqo wins International Junior Miss SA

Seven-year-old Angela Rocco wins Miss SA International. Photo: Submitted by the family

Little Angela Rocco won the Miss Youth International 2021/2022 title in South Africa on October 9, 2021, at an event in Durban.

Her mother, Zichona Rocco, shares Angela’s journey with us, from her first title to her last achievement.

At just three years old, Angela was already giving eloquent speeches and winning crowns in beauty pageants on various stages across South Africa.

After winning the title of First Princess at a local pageant in 2017, her mother said Angela has never looked back.

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IJMSA 2021 race winner Angela Rocco. Photo: from the source / family

In 2019 alone, Miss Elite SA, Toddler and Twin of the World were crowned Miss Global Beauty of SA, and in December of that year, she lifted the trophy as Miss Little Princess of South Africa.

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‘We had to fight for the crown’

In February 2020, Angela entered the South African version of the competition held under the umbrella of the Miss Young International contest. The contest was founded in America, in 2008, by Nikki Clark to encourage positive accomplishments in young girls. Winners in each division receive a scholarship in addition to a crown.

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Angela Rocco received a scholarship of 10,000 rand in this competition. Photo: from the source / family

With charisma, elegance and a little bit of daring, Angela was crowned the second princess in 2020, but of course she didn’t succumb to this hurdle.

“We had to fight for the crown,” Angela’s mother, Zikhona Rocco, said as she reflected on Angela’s journey to claim her new title.

The arrival of the strict lockdown has become a challenge for the princess of the pageant, as events have been canceled or postponed.

Angela is set to represent South Africa at the Little Mr and Miss Africa competition that was to take place in January 2021 at the Pearl of Africa Hotel in Uganda, but has been postponed to December 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, Angela did not sit back and wait.

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“The level of the competition was high”

“This was Angela’s hardest competition. There were thirteen or fourteen contestants in her class. The standard of the competition was high, and the judges were famous queen queens from big local pageant queens,” shares her proud mother, Zikhona.

“She won the Miss World Junior International title and also received a scholarship for being the best academic achievement in her class,” Rocco told Parent24.

Angela will now represent South Africa in the USA next year.

We asked Angela how she felt when she was crowned the winner in her category. She told Parent24, “I felt so proud of myself, so happy and excited. I couldn’t believe when they announced my name because the competition was so tough.”

This princess, whose hobbies include creative arts, reading and modeling, told us that she wants to be a pediatrician when she grows up, and plans to do so with courage, discipline and integrity.


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