Vesttoo Names Expert Insurance Analyst Robert Hauff as Portfolio Manager

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Tel Aviv, IsraelAnd November 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Named today, Vesttoo is a leading global alternative reinsurance and investment company. Robert Huff As Portfolio Manager for the Associated Insurance Program (ILP). Mr. Hauff, previously Managing Director of Fixed Income Research at Wells Fargo Securities, has more than two decades of insurance and finance experience for Vesttoo’s growing insurance and investment risk transfer platform.

“We are pleased to add Robert – one of the most important insurance analysts in the sector – and his deep understanding of fixed income and capital markets,” he said. Yaniv Bertil, CEO and founder of Vesttoo. “As a highly accomplished leader in the financial services industry, and an expert in driving growth initiatives, Robert Fiesto will help bridge the reinsurance financing gap through our ILP program.”

As Vesttoo Portfolio Manager, Mr. Hauff will set the investment strategy for Linked Insurance Program (ILP), which enables asset managers and pension schemes to earn sustainable long-term alpha by pledging existing assets, rather than directly allocating cash, to support short- and medium-term alternative risk transfer transactions for earning and buying. In addition, Mr. Hauff will oversee the day-to-day operations of the program, lead the search for insurance-related opportunities, and serve as one of the primary contacts for Vesttoo’s insurers and investors.

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“Vesttoo is the perfect opportunity for me – combining advanced technology with sound alternative investments. This is the future of the industry,” Vesttoo wallet manager said Robert Huff. “They have been very successful in bringing together insurers and investors and expanding the alternative reinsurance market. I am excited to join their global team and help deliver results for our clients and industry partners.”

About Vesttoo

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Vesttoo is the world’s first marketplace for risk transfer and life and P&C based investments. Our AI-based technology facilitates risk transfer between insurers and institutional investors, providing insurance-related investments for asset managers of all types, while enhancing risk transfer and liquidity in the life and P&C markets.

Our vision is to create a world in which the insurance and capital markets are integrated and globally accessible, bridging the insurance financing gap with capabilities from the capital markets.

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