Valve says supporting the Steam Deck with BattlEye anti-cheat is as easy as an email

We’ve known from the start that Valve’s upcoming $400 Steam Deck won’t play every Steam game perfectly. It runs Windows games on Linux using the Proton compatibility layer, and some of the biggest games on Steam use anti-cheat software that historically didn’t work with Proton. But on Friday, Valve revealed that this shouldn’t be a problem for BattlEye, one of the biggest anti-fraud vendors out there.

“BattlEye on the Proton integration has reached a point where all the developer needs is access to BattlEye to enable it to get its moniker. Valve writes, adding that Mount & Blade II Bannerlord And Ark: Survival Evolved Already working.

In other words, one email It should be good enough to make some of the biggest unsupported games playable on Steam Deck at the most basic level – although developers will also want to make things easy to play and touchscreen to get Valve’s official “verified” tag.

So what does that mean for the biggest BattlEye games that aren’t currently on Steam Deck, including Day ZAnd pubg And rainbow six sig? Will Ubisoft, Krafton, and Bohemia Interactive send those simple emails? It doesn’t look great: They didn’t immediately respond to our requests for comment today, and declined to comment when we reached out to senior Steam developers about Steam Deck last month.

BattlEye isn’t alone in supporting Proton on behalf of Steam Deck, by the way. As we reported in September, Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) now supports Linux as well, with owner Epic Games stating that it should take “just a few clicks in the Epic Online Services Developer Portal” to take effect.

But for whatever reason, the top game developers aren’t eager to express their support. Only four of the 15 studios we contacted gave us approval despite promising “just a few clicks” — and EAC owner Epic Games himself, surprisingly, wasn’t among them. Epic will not commit to its subsidiary Mediatonic fall guys (which uses EAC) to the platform, and previously declined to comment on whether It is an electronic game (which uses BattlEye) will be available on Steam Deck as well.

While Sony hasn’t committed to supporting Steam Deck with its burgeoning PC title slate, PlayStation exec Shuhei Yoshida tweeted that Horizon: Zero Dawn Works on deck. That wouldn’t come as a surprise to the ProtonDB community, who currently offers Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition “Golden” rating.

Previously Exclusive to PlayStation Detroit: Be Human Seems to work on Steam Deck too:

Steam Deck is currently slated to ship to the first batch of early adopters in December, although many first-day buyers won’t get their handsets pre-rolled until the first quarter of 2022 or beyond. If you’re going to book one today, Valve suggests you might not get it until after the second quarter of 2022.

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