Unmet physical and psychological needs impact lung cancer patients’ quality of life

Posted in European Journal of Cancer Care It indicates that the unmet physical and psychological needs of lung cancer patients have a significant impact on patients’ quality of life and affect their ability to continue daily activities.

The researchers analyzed the results of six studies involving 562 patients. Approximately two-thirds of patients were diagnosed with advanced (stage III or IV) cancer, and most were diagnosed less than two years ago. There was a negative association between quality of life and unmet needs using two different scales. In two studies, the relationship was limited to physical and/or psychological needs.

Lack of energy and fatigue were common unmet needs in the physical realm, and uncertainty about the future, fears, and anxieties were among the most common in the psychological realm.

This research underscores the heavy burden of unmet needs for individuals with lung cancer, which often results from late diagnosis and an associated lack of curative treatment. There is a need for early intervention and design of pre-existing services to meet the unmet supportive care needs in this cancer group.”

Simon Dunn, Ph.D., corresponding author, Dublin City University in Ireland



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