Undercover police are patrolling Cheshire schools to protect vulnerable girls

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The county’s chief constable said secret police were patrolling near schools in Cheshire to try to protect schoolgirls from harassment and abuse.

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Speaking at the launch of the Commissioner of Police and Crime’s new police and crime plan this week, Police Chief Mark Roberts also revealed that plainclothes officers will be disguised in county nightclubs amid fears revelers may be targeted by ‘predatory people’.

The chief of police was responding to questions at the launch event about the issue of domestic violence, but said there were “wider issues” around violence against women and girls that needed to be addressed.

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He said: “We did undercover plainclothes patrols all over the schools where school girls on some occasions suffered abuse, some cat calls and unpleasant things that could go on.

“We’ve been doing this around schools within the county to try to make sure we’re keeping people safe.”

He said police will also carry out “important operational activity” in the coming weeks to try to ensure people stay safe during the festive season.

“There’s a whole bunch of activities that we’re planning in the lead up to Christmas to keep the nighttime economy safe, and looking at both covert and overt means to try to make sure that people outside have a good time can,” he said, “have to be targeted, because unfortunately there are people Predators who want to take advantage of people.

“That’s very high on the national agenda, but even before that, we’re really two-headed in trying to get the game going and making sure we’re keeping people safe.”

He also reiterated the force’s commitment to addressing domestic violence, but said they could not “just stop their way out” of the problem, with a collaborative approach needed with other organizations.

He said, “We are working hard at the moment but we can do better. It will require efforts from partners as well.

“Certainly for things like domestic violence protection orders, I’m really focused and working on that, because that’s a major way to keep people safe and we realize that prosecution isn’t always the only outcome, but we need partners to work with us on that.”


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