Three primary schools to close as location of new area school is revealed

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Ceredigion County Council has confirmed that three elementary schools will be closed in order to form a new school in Aeron Valley.

After public consultation, the new school’s 5.8-acre site was confirmed next to the Villenefach Football Club stadium.

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“In 2019, the Serrigion County Council of Ministers responded to extensive public consultation on the location of a new district school in the Iron Valley,” a council statement read.

“Since then, the council has been in the process of acquiring land for the new district school, and can confirm the purchase of land for this.

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“There was a strong view that stakeholders would like to see the school located on a new site, rather than on the campus of the Villenevach Theater as per one of the original proposed options.

“Ciliau Parc, Felinfach and Dihewyd Primary Schools will be closed to form a new school in the Aeron Valley.”

Chancellor Catherine Miles, the cabinet member responsible for schools, lifelong learning and skills, said she was pleased to see the new school’s plans moving forward.

“I am happy to see the council’s success in purchasing this site for the new district school,” she said.

“The new school will provide modern facilities and equipment for elementary students and will surely be a rich addition to Iron Valley.”

The council says it will now proceed with the next steps that include the creation of the new school’s shadow governing body.

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