There’s More To Apex Legends’ Ash Than Villainous Intent, Says Lead Writer

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Apex Legends Season 11: Escape has started adding Ash to the list of playable characters as a new Attacking Legend. In terms of the story, Ash is a remote one – its condescending dialogue and violent actions are read as evil, or at least hostile to other myths. However, Respawn’s lead writer, Ashley Reed, has quipped that Ash has more than “evil intent”.

“Ash definitely comes off as a villain — she’s cold, calculating, self-care, and ruthless,” Reid told GameSpot via email. “She also has many other legends, some of whom don’t even know she has it for them. But there is more than just malicious intent – that’s all I can say for now, but the answers await in season 11.”

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In terms of playable characters, Apex Legends doesn’t have very many bad guys on its list. Caustic was closest to the game at launch, although his disposition softened when he became a parental character for Watson in Season Two: Battle Charge. Wattson — and, to some extent, Crypto later down the line in Season 9: Legacy — changed the way players viewed Caustic. He is not a good person in any way, but he is not evil either.

It’s funny that Respawn subjected in-game fans to the Apex Games competition for a similar change of perspective when it came to Caustic, with viewers noticing that Caustic went soft after Wattson was added. So in the game’s lore, that’s one of the main reasons the group overseeing Apex Games, The Syndicate, used to let the Revenant into the competition — the games need a bad guy for the fans to contend with. Until Respawn writes compelling reason for me to think otherwise, this guy is actually excellent evil.

Ash is presented as another Revenant, though perhaps he’s more willful in her actions than in his murderous, emotion-driven rages. Her pet rat lends credence to this conclusion, leading the house that Ash is outcome-oriented enough to keep the creature alive but not too warm or loving to give it a name. But there seems to be a lot more to this character and her hostile attitude than her cold, simulated outer shell might suggest.

Simulated ash was the other topic I wanted to discuss with Reid. In Stories from Outlands – the “Ashes to Ash” trailer, we learn that Dr. Ashley Reed’s shock-turned-simulator actually split her character – becoming the perfect, results-oriented, power-hungry side of Ash while becoming the smart but warm and vulnerable side of her to me. .

Read confirmed that actress Anna Campbell voted all three, uniting the similar but vastly different characters of Dr. Reed, Ash and Lee with one voice. Although Dr. Reed has (apparently) gone, Ash and Leigh are now in a struggle to control the mechanical form they inhabit. Now that Season 11 is live and we can hear some of Ash’s introduction and murder jokes, we can actually hear that while most Ash talks, few are talking about Leigh or both characters.

For example, in one of the introduction jokes, Lee would initially plead, “Listen to me, whatever you do—” before Ash cuts her off to say, “Don’t stand in her way.” And one murder joke sees Lee take charge and angrily accuse the legend that Ash had just been killed, “Did you let her catch you? You made her stronger!”

The last line in particular almost seems like Ash breaks up with the character of Leigh, as Leigh is a surrogate for Ash who can take charge temporarily during particularly painful or traumatic moments (like, you know, a frantic gunfight during a bloody sports royal battle). But even if that were the case, Respawn doesn’t give Ash a specific diagnosis, such as dissociative identity disorder (DID), based on her symptoms.

“Ash does not have DID — this is an official diagnosis, and she does not meet the diagnostic criteria for him,” Reed said. “She experienced a mental breakdown due to being simulated. Trauma can manifest in a variety of different ways, and we want to explore what that means, but we don’t want to pretend to represent a specific situation.”

Ash is the nineteenth playable character in Apex Legends, unlocking five badass legendary skins. Ash’s close combat abilities make her a formidable hunter who can confuse and surprise teams of enemies, especially if she forms a powerful pair with the Revenant.

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