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Microsoft announced the launch of its new Sustainability Cloud in Inspire 2021. The cloud platform was created to help Microsoft and its partners achieve their carbon reduction and sustainability goals, and to recognize the commitment required from organizations around the world to make change happen.

At ITSCREDIT, we develop direct, innovative and flexible credit solutions that address market challenges and customer needs, which is why we have made sustainability central to our business mission.

The Sustainability Module is one of our emerging concepts for 2021. It provides questionnaire models that adapt to individual needs regarding environmental issues and derives the Environmental Sustainability Analysis Model, which allows financial firms to rank clients on sustainability KPIs.


We want to help financial services companies focus on clients who embrace sustainable best practices and avoid the high costs of non-compliance.

Our emerging concepts not only focus on environmental sustainability, but also on social and economic sustainability. Our Recovery and Resilience Plan is the mainstay of the EU Next Generation, an EU recovery package that supports Member States affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This premium module allows financial institution partners to transform a specific analog process into a specific digital technology workflow.


There are three parts to the Recovery and Resilience Plan, with more than €670 billion (US$784 billion) of funding available. The first is the resilience dimension, which aims to address areas such as housing and social responses, eliminating pockets of poverty, and forest and water management.

The second is the climate change dimension. Through it, we help the European Union support change in sustainable mobility, decarbonization of industry, energy efficiency in buildings, and hydrogen-based and renewable fuels.

The third part is the digital transformation dimension to address digital education, Industry 4.0, and the digitization of public administration.

Sustainability is good for long-term business and investment returns. Our new concept links the bank loan interest rate with the achievement of pre-agreed sustainability performance targets. In other words, the better the company’s sustainability performance, the lower the interest rate, and thus lower debt financing costs.

Despite the turmoil of the past few years and the challenges we all face moving forward in terms of the environment and navigating a new business world, we do our best to help our clients make informed decisions that help them and their clients do just that. better. We don’t want to follow the market. We want to establish it.

Ricardo de Campos is CEO of ITSCREDIT

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