The best primary schools in Merseyside as ranked by Sunday Times Schools Guide 2022

The best elementary school on Merseyside has been revealed in Walton, according to the Sunday Times Schools Guide 2022.

Carleton House Prep has topped the charts when it comes to finding the highest ranked school in Merseyside.

The school in Walton was listed as the 10th best elementary school in the country in the Sunday Times Parents’ Authority Academic Ranking.

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The 29th edition of Parent Power identifies the UK’s highest achieving primary schools, ranked by their SAT scores from 2017 to 2019.

The ranking allows parents to compare the performance of their child’s school, or potential school, with that of other schools at the local and national levels.

Carleton House Prep School’s average score for reading, math, and grammar placed it 10th in the overall national ranking.

The ranking compares schools’ SAT scores against national expectations for children this age.

A score of 100 is what is expected nationally, but Carleton House scored 110 in math and 110 in reading.

The school’s most recent charter school inspectorate found the following: “As a result of good teaching, good focus, and provision of excellent curricular and extra-curricular, the academic and other achievement of students across the school is excellent.

“The score is high on national tests, and a high percentage earns entry to selective high schools.”

As Principal of Carleton House Prep, I am very proud of our ranking this year,” Sandy Coleman, Principal of Carleton House Prep, told ECHO.

“I feel this is a result of our high standards, excellent education, and the broad and diverse opportunities offered to our children.

“We offer a rich academic and pastoral curriculum with a strong focus on creativity and a love of learning resulting in empowered and confident youth.

“Our success is thanks to the dedication and commitment of our employees, our strong relationships with our passionate parents and children, and hard work.”

Belvedere Preparatory School in Aigburth is rated the second best school in Merseyside – and 20th in the country.

The highest ranked school in Wirral was Brenton Preparatory School in Birkenhead, which was the third best school in Merseyside and the 45th best in the country.

St. Sebastian RC Primary School and Nursery was the top public primary school in Merseyside, finishing 106th nationally.

Other schools ranked in the top ten on Merseyside came from areas including Aintree, Fairfield and Thornton Hough.

The best public elementary schools in the Sunday Times Merseyside –

1. St. Sebastian RC Primary School and Nursery – National Ranking 106 =

2. St Cuthbert’s RC Primary and Nursery School – NR 144 =

3. Our Lady Bishop of Eton RC Primary School – National Ranking 163 =

4. Thornton Hough Primary School – National Ranking 216 =

5. Longmore Primary Community School – National Ranking 296

6. Bishop Martin C of E Primary School – NR 510 =

The 2022 elementary school rankings are based on average SAT scores over the three years from 2017 to 2019.

Only schools that published their results in those years or disclosed them to the Sunday Times are included in this edition of the Sunday Times School Directory, which includes about 1,700 schools.

Alistair McCall, Editor of Parent Power, said: “The need for clarity about school exam performance has never been greater after two years after a teacher assessed grades, during which, for perfectly understandable reasons, the numbers of top scores increased dramatically.

“We felt it was important to go back to the last sets of Supervised General Examination results from 2019, 2018 and 2017 to get a more accurate and current look at the school’s academic achievement.

“By taking an average of three years, we mitigated the relatively poor performance in one year.

“While some schools find it difficult to substantiate claims of academic prowess based on results from 2021 and 2020, we believe that these rankings—and all additional information presented in parental authority—provide parents with more reliable evidence of academic achievement in schools today.”

Learn more about the Parent Power Directory and find your school here.

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