Telstra somewhat opens up 5G fixed wireless service with single 1TB plan for AU$85

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Photo: Telstra

It’s been more than a year since Telstra first announced a trial of its 5G fixed wireless service, with the carrier finally opening the product to somewhat general availability on Wednesday.

Trial users paid A$85 per month for 500GB, but it has now raised the quota to 1TB while keeping the price at A$85. They offer business and home plans at the same maximum at the same price.

Telstra said it sees an average download speed of 378Mbps during evening rush hours from 7pm to 11pm, with speeds during that period ranging from 50Mbps to 600Mbps. For uploads, the typical speed is 46 Mbps and ranges from 10 Mbps to 90 Mbps. If users exceed the data quota, speeds will be locked to 25Mbps, plus “slower even more on busy periods until the next billing month.”

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With 5G networks covering 75% of the population, Telstra verifies users’ addresses to ensure coverage is available and limits the number of users per zip code. The telecom company said it expects population coverage to reach 95% by fiscal year 2025.

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Telstra offers a 5G modem for free, and if users cancel within two years, they must either return the modem via parcel service in good working order within 21 days, or pay A$29 for each month remaining in the two-year period.

Players have been warned that the service does not offer single-digit latency.

In September, Vodafone opened its 5G fixed wireless service to customers within a smaller range. It offers two plans: the first is A$75 per month and has unlimited data at speeds up to 100Mbps, and the second removes the speed limit for an additional A$10 per month. Customers who already have a Vodafone mobile plan can shell out $5 per month from the package rates.

Optus opened its 5G fixed wireless service two years ago, and offers similar plans to Vodafone that cost $5 per month more.

Earlier on Wednesday, Telstra announced it had secured the renewal of a five-year, A$1 billion contract with the Ministry of Defense.

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