overeating: Concerned About Overeating: What’s food addiction and how to get over it


For many of us, eating certain foods can be comforting: a pick-me-up during a challenging task; A reward after a long day at work; A saturated end to a lovely dinner. But some people have a compulsive and uncontrolled craving for certain foods, especially “fast” foods with excessive flavour. This can affect their daily functioning and their ability to perform social, work or family roles. People with addictive eating may experience food cravings, which are not related to hunger, as

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What’s next for the insurance sector in 2022 | Article


Climate change and sustainability are key themes Climate change is at the heart of the insurance sector for many reasons, and it has a profound impact on both the liability side and the asset side of insurance companies’ balance sheets. The number of natural disasters, such as floods, wildfires, droughts, storms and earthquakes has been increasing steadily over the past decades. Climate change has exposed the vulnerabilities of insurance and reinsurance companies in the wake of rising catastrophe claims through

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