iPhone 12 and 13 users on iOS 15 having Bluetooth issues in some cars


Some iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 passengers are experiencing issues when using Bluetooth Hands-Free in their cars. The problem seems to be limited to those who have updated to iOS 15.1. According to a report by 9to5Mac citing the Apple Support thread, users of iPhones newer on Apple’s latest iOS version, including 15.1.1, are experiencing dropped calls. Phone calls tend to drop out between 2 to 8 minutes after they start. User Tundra_2017 posted in an Apple forum: “I have

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Twitter Acknowledges Bug Which Logs Out Users on iOS, Fix Coming Soon


Twitter for iOS is reportedly affected by a strange bug that logs users out of iOS 15. After several users reported this bug to Twitter, the microblogging platform said it would investigate. A large number of users on the platform have complained about being logged out of the app on multiple occasions as well. The bug is also said to affect all accounts that a user has signed in to through their iOS 15 device. According to a report by

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Netflix Games rolls out for Apple iPhone and iPad users across the world


Netflix games will now start rolling out to Apple iPhone and iPad users around the world. Netflix got into the gaming sector a few days ago starting with only Android devices. Now, the US-based streaming platform has said that the games will be available for iOS users as well. Netflix launched the games on November 2 with five mobile games: Stranger Things: 1984 (BonusXP), Stranger Things 3: The Game (BonusXP), Shooting Hoops (Frosty Pop), Card Blast (Amuzo & Rogue Games),

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Notability Changes App Subscription Policy, Promises Existing Users Lifetime Access to Purchased Features


After a protest from its users, Notability says it is making changes to its controversial subscription policy to ensure that people who previously purchased the app retain lifetime access to all existing features and content. The course patch was announced by the company on Tuesday in a blog post on Medium, after the popular note-taking app received a huge backlash from users who were upset to learn that switching Notability to a subscription model means the features they purchased will

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Zoom to start showing ads to some free users


San Francisco: Video conferencing app Zoom has rolled out a beta ad program to start showing ads to free users. For this initial program, ads will only be shown on the browser page that users see once they end their meeting. Only Free Basic users in certain countries will see these ads if they join meetings hosted by other Free Basic users. “We have carefully and thoughtfully considered how this ad beta program is implemented and have done so with

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Zoom is piloting ads for free users – TechCrunch


Zoom offers a beta ad program that will serve ads to users at its “basic” free level. The company says that the ads will support the investments and enable it to continue providing its platform to free users. Primary tier users will only see ads if they join a meeting hosted by another primary user. For initial testing, ads will be shown on the browser page that users see when they end their meeting. Zoom will likely display ads in

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Google Photos Getting ‘More Like This’ Button to Help Users Find Similar Images: Report


Google Photos is said to be getting a new feature that allows users to find similar photos on the platform. The newly added “More Like This” button in Google Photos is said to allow users to search for similar images in the gallery from different periods and locations. The last button was reportedly placed between the “Add to Album” and “Move to Archive” icons in the app. Google recently added the Memories feature to the web version of Google Photos.

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iOS 15.1 Resulting in Unresponsive Interface for Some iPhone Users, Carries 2 ‘Zero-Day’ Vulnerabilities


iOS 15.1 has resulted in issues including an unresponsive user interface and erratic battery life for some iPhone users, according to a report. An iOS update was released last week to address some issues that appeared on previous iOS versions. It also introduced features including SharePlay support. Besides the issues some users are experiencing, a security researcher has claimed that the iOS 15.1 update includes two unpatched “zero-day” vulnerabilities even though they were reported to Apple a few months ago.

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