Current cyber insurance model is ready for change – cyber advisors


One of those insurers, Lloyd’s of London, which accounts for nearly a fifth of the global electronic insurance market, has reportedly discouraged its union from doing business online in the next year. Reuters. “Internet insurance was just aimed at the novel, an unexpected catastrophic event,” Jess Byrne, senior analyst at consultancy Forrester, told SC Magazine. “When things like ransomware were restricted to someone’s grandmother on their old computer, it was a license to print money. But now that the music

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Can Battlegrounds Mobile India offer a sustainable revenue model to stakeholders?


In an effort to regain a foothold in the mobile gaming industry, Crafton Announced her exclusive title in India Battlegrounds Mobile India earlier this year. The publisher incurred heavy losses after the government banned PUBG Mobile, along with several Chinese apps, after political tensions with the country escalated. In less than a year after the ban, KRAFTON was able to release a new esports title on mobile devices. But tournament organizers, team owners and players were negatively affected by the

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