iPhone 12 and 13 users on iOS 15 having Bluetooth issues in some cars


Some iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 passengers are experiencing issues when using Bluetooth Hands-Free in their cars. The problem seems to be limited to those who have updated to iOS 15.1. According to a report by 9to5Mac citing the Apple Support thread, users of iPhones newer on Apple’s latest iOS version, including 15.1.1, are experiencing dropped calls. Phone calls tend to drop out between 2 to 8 minutes after they start. User Tundra_2017 posted in an Apple forum: “I have

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Twitter Acknowledges Bug Which Logs Out Users on iOS, Fix Coming Soon


Twitter for iOS is reportedly affected by a strange bug that logs users out of iOS 15. After several users reported this bug to Twitter, the microblogging platform said it would investigate. A large number of users on the platform have complained about being logged out of the app on multiple occasions as well. The bug is also said to affect all accounts that a user has signed in to through their iOS 15 device. According to a report by

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Netflix Games rolls out for Apple iPhone and iPad users across the world


Netflix games will now start rolling out to Apple iPhone and iPad users around the world. Netflix got into the gaming sector a few days ago starting with only Android devices. Now, the US-based streaming platform has said that the games will be available for iOS users as well. Netflix launched the games on November 2 with five mobile games: Stranger Things: 1984 (BonusXP), Stranger Things 3: The Game (BonusXP), Shooting Hoops (Frosty Pop), Card Blast (Amuzo & Rogue Games),

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The New MacBook Pro Has an Improvement You’ll Hope to Never Use


Apple’s latest MacBook Pro models have a host of new features, including the M1 Pro and M1 Max chipset, mini LED displays with ProMotion, an HDMI port, an SDXC card slot, fast charging with MagSafe 3, and more. As the first teardowns begin to be shared online, iFixit has revealed a previously unknown improvement with the new hardware. On the 14-inch MacBook Pro, iFixit explained that the device now features pull tabs for the battery cells, which the repair site

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Apple iOS 15.1 might contain two ‘zero-day’ vulnerabilities, security researcher claims


Apple users have encountered a lot of issues with the latest iOS versions. The latest iOS 15 versions didn’t get off to a good start with various issues related to battery drain, system functions not working properly, slowdowns and more. Another major security issue has been fixed in iOS 15.0.2 called CVE – 2021 – 30883, which may have been used by bad actors to exploit IOMobileFrameBuffer, a memory resource. Now, the latest iOS version, iOS 15.1, also results in

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Apple stops signing iOS 15.0.2, blocking downgrades from iOS 15.1


A month ago, Apple stopped signing the first public release of iOS 15, and by mid-October, iOS 15.0.1. Now the company has just stopped signing iOS 15.0.2, which means that users who have updated their devices to iOS 15.1 can no longer downgrade to iOS 15.0.2. iOS 15.0.2 was released to users on October 11 with fixes for AirTags that might not show up in Find My Items tab, iPhone leather wallet with MagSafe that might not connect to the

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Netflix launches gaming service exclusively on Android, but iOS support is ‘on the way’


After hearing the grumbling about Netlifx working on its gaming service last summer, the media giant is officially jumping into the space with its top five mobile games. And as expected – with Apple App Store restrictions – Netflix had to launch the game service without iOS support but the company says it’s “on the way”. Mike Verdu, Netflix Vice President of Game Development, shared the big news in today’s blog post: We like games, whether they are physical games

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iOS 15.1 Resulting in Unresponsive Interface for Some iPhone Users, Carries 2 ‘Zero-Day’ Vulnerabilities


iOS 15.1 has resulted in issues including an unresponsive user interface and erratic battery life for some iPhone users, according to a report. An iOS update was released last week to address some issues that appeared on previous iOS versions. It also introduced features including SharePlay support. Besides the issues some users are experiencing, a security researcher has claimed that the iOS 15.1 update includes two unpatched “zero-day” vulnerabilities even though they were reported to Apple a few months ago.

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