Twitter Acknowledges Bug Which Logs Out Users on iOS, Fix Coming Soon


Twitter for iOS is reportedly affected by a strange bug that logs users out of iOS 15. After several users reported this bug to Twitter, the microblogging platform said it would investigate. A large number of users on the platform have complained about being logged out of the app on multiple occasions as well. The bug is also said to affect all accounts that a user has signed in to through their iOS 15 device. According to a report by

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iOS 15.1 Resulting in Unresponsive Interface for Some iPhone Users, Carries 2 ‘Zero-Day’ Vulnerabilities


iOS 15.1 has resulted in issues including an unresponsive user interface and erratic battery life for some iPhone users, according to a report. An iOS update was released last week to address some issues that appeared on previous iOS versions. It also introduced features including SharePlay support. Besides the issues some users are experiencing, a security researcher has claimed that the iOS 15.1 update includes two unpatched “zero-day” vulnerabilities even though they were reported to Apple a few months ago.

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