Apple delays digital driver’s license until 2022


San Francisco: Apple has reportedly delayed the rollout of a new feature that would allow users to add their driver’s licenses or IDs to the Wallet app on iPhones until early 2022. In an update to the official iOS 15 website, Apple said the functionality will now arrive sometime in early 2022. The company had previously planned to release it in late 2021, MacRumors reports. Apple announced at WWDC 2021 that it is working with several states across the country,

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Israeli insurtech firm Lemonade to roll out car insurance for US drivers


Israeli insurance technology company Lemonade announced, Wednesday, that it will begin rolling out auto insurance for American drivers across the country, starting in Illinois, as the company’s latest offering. Lemonade has made waves in the traditional insurance industry since 2015 when it was founded in Tel Aviv by entrepreneur Shay Weininger, also co-founder of Fiverr, and Daniel Schreiber. The company uses technologies such as artificial intelligence and chat bots, as well as behavioral economics, to offer homeowners, renters, and life

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Insurance Giant Admiral warns thousands of drivers at risk of invalidating cover


Insurance giants Admiral has warned that thousands of drivers need to check their category of use on their auto insurance policies to ensure they are not at risk of voiding their coverage. During the Covid-19 pandemic, 6,552 drivers using Admiral switched their policies to “social, local, and fun” due to their ability to work from home. However, as the world begins to open up again and people are forced to commute to work again, this means that people may invalidate

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Car Insurance For Drivers With Tickets


Many drivers have received some kind of ticket in their lifetime. While some tickets may not seem like a cause for concern, having a ticket on your driving record can have a huge impact on your car insurance premium. After getting a ticket, you may decide to switch to a cheaper provider if your price becomes too expensive or take advantage of discounts to save money. How tickets affect car insurance In most cases, premiums increase after you get the

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Russia Tech Giant Yandex Uses AI to Reward Safe Drivers With Insurance Discounts


Russian tech giant Yandex said it plans to reward responsible drivers on its car-sharing platform with cheaper insurance this year, using machine learning in a pilot program similar to one already adopted by Tesla. The newly listed company Renaissance Insurance has verified Yandex algorithms and the two companies will collaborate to offer auto insurance discounts of up to 35% to the safest drivers using the Yandex.Drive app. Yandex did not disclose the terms of the deal, and Renaissance Insurance declined

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