overeating: Concerned About Overeating: What’s food addiction and how to get over it


For many of us, eating certain foods can be comforting: a pick-me-up during a challenging task; A reward after a long day at work; A saturated end to a lovely dinner. But some people have a compulsive and uncontrolled craving for certain foods, especially “fast” foods with excessive flavour. This can affect their daily functioning and their ability to perform social, work or family roles. People with addictive eating may experience food cravings, which are not related to hunger, as

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Parliament concerned with government pension, insurance handling


By Hubble Chidawali Dodoma. Parliament is unhappy with the government’s “stalling” approach on two key legislative articles that directly affect the lives of millions of Tanzanians.Parliament Speaker Job Ndugai has expressed the House of Representatives’ dissatisfaction with the way the government is handling planned bills on the formula for calculating workers’ pension benefits and another on universal health insurance coverage.Yesterday, the Speaker of the House of Representatives directed the Parliamentary Committee for Social Services and Community Development to summon the

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