Selected 7 Reasons Why Student Fail Examination


Examination as integral part of Western education is an academic exercise that instil fear and antagonistic displeasure into students. Many students pray that examination shall one day be scrapped out of our school system, but could there be any other alternative to exams as lasting panacea to test students’ abilities in a given subject or course?

The main aim of conducting examination in our school system is to verify the quality of knowledge and skills that students have in a particular field of study. It could be oral, written test or any other form.

The centre of this  discussion shall lie on affordable approach to pass written exams. Our academic culture postulates that exams are test of knowledge, but a burning question that is begging for serious answer remains: is exam the real test of knowledge?, why does brilliant students sometimes fail in their exams?

 Meanwhile, since the inception of exams, it has faced may challenges such as examination malpractices and other tinted gross misconducts which have actually proved that not all exams are the really test of both knowledge and skills. However any  exam that is set in standard ethics should be regarded as the best test of knowledge. It is often disheartened to see students undergo emotional stress which sometimes result to depression and in critical point leads to suicides because of poor performances in examination.

It is common for students not to pass or get required mark in a particular exam but the modus operandi by which internal and external is being conducted is seriously calling for attitudinal change. There are many factors that could lead to poor performance of students or why student fail in their exams. They include:

 1. Poor preparation for exams.

It is important to note that lack of adequate preparation is tantamount to failure. Many students tend to go into exam hall without reading their books thoroughly to ensure that their brains are fully fortified for the task ahead. Some go a long way to prepare but read erroneously. To avoid this, one must read voraciously within the stipulated curricula to avoid beating around bushes in examination hall. Beating around bushes entails writing off point which does not connote the question asked. Using curricula helps to understand what examiners  required of students and by that he/she would be able to put answers precisely and concisely.

2. Not Attending Lectures.

Further more, students who fail to  attend lectures certainly find it difficult to cope with their exams. There are some point that lecturers say with their mouth while lecturing  that are very essential part of their questions; and any student who was not in class during such lectures might not take note of it even if the person reads the lecturer’s notebook. So to pass effectively in exam, students must endeavour to be regular and also punctual to classes.

3. Not Making Notes.

As if that is not enough, note taking and note making are equally channels to exam success.Many serious students also perform poorly in exam not because they are not intelligent; they go into examination hall fully prepared but immediately they were handed in answer sheet, they forget all they have read. This is an awful experience, and it is mostly caused by emotional differences, exam fever or minor distraction. To avoid such ugly experience there are something that students who are about to face exams should endeavor to do.  

4. Not taking Enough Sleep

it is necessary for any students who is about to sit for exam to take good siesta, deep sleep and enough rest before and after reading. By way of sleeping, the brain through the hippocampus takes time to process, arrange and organize all information gathered, also channel them to the permanent memory where they would easy be utilized during exam. However some students tend to read all night without good sleep, and this might lead to dizziness and information shortage during exams which invariably impairs good performance.

5. Cramming 

In addition to that, it is important to understand that everyone does not have the same degree of intelligence quotient. Some students go as far cramming every single information in their notebooks. Fine, it works for some people but it is very risky. This is because the brain tends to disorganise or in extreme case lose information or part of information gathered from cramming work. This is the main reason why students who cram often fail their exams in courses that involve calculations.

The best approach remains to read and have full understanding of every available information to be delivered in the answer sheet.
Not only that, but also students who want to pass their exams in flying colours are expected to read in some certain conditions. An average student can read for about three to four hour per day. Top students reads about eight to nine hours every day, but what matters most is for them to understand their mental capacities.

6. Bad Reading method

Some students can study all day and in every slight opportunity they get and still understand what they are reading whereas  there are some people that hardly read for an hour without dozing off. Any student who fall in this category are advised to always find a means of mental recreation when the sleep comes up, such recreation includes playing games with phones for some minutes before continuing with reading or physical exercise like standing up and and reading. It can also involves moving away from the study table to walk around before continuing. By so during sleeping could be destabilized.


Some students fail  their exams not because they are not intelligent but because of the emotional, psychological or dogmatic ideologies they subscribe to. What does this means? Some people believe that a certain exam is very hard to pass, this could be as a result of what they heard from people and their senior colleagues or because they see a very few people pass such exam without counting themselves among the few people. They conclude they cannot pass as well. It then instills fear into them and unfortunately failure becomes the only option. It is therefore very important to note that no examination is above any student who determined and prepared to pass no matter what people say or how people complain about it.


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