St. Paul Public Schools coronavirus vaccine mandate finds 35% of employees out of compliance – Twin Cities


More than a third of St. Paul Public Schools employees were noncompliant with coronavirus vaccine instructions when the district’s policy went into effect last month.

The school board on September 3 approved the mandate, which requires all staff to be fully vaccinated by October 15 or tested for the coronavirus weekly.


After the first week, 62 percent — 4,509 out of 7,295 employees — reported having received a full vaccination. Only 214 employees — 3 percent — provided COVID-19 test results; One tested positive.

“We still have hesitation about the vaccines that we’re seeing, not just in our district but across the state,” Mary Langworthy, the district’s director of health and wellness, said in an interview.


Langworthy said the district sends weekly email reminders to employees who have not witnessed their vaccination. Some may not receive the message because their jobs do not include computers.

“It’s a new program, so you’re going to have problems along the way,” Langorthy said.

“A little grace for the first week”

District spokesman Kevin Burns said employees could face discipline for failing to comply with the mandate, but that has not yet happened.

“We have people following up on who didn’t respond. And we give our employees a little bit of kindness in the first week of a vaccine demand,” he said.

The area does not require proof of vaccination. Employees simply complete a brief questionnaire through the district portal.

“I didn’t have to show anyone anything. Teachers Guild President Leah Vandasor said of the survey I was just saying I wasn’t lying.

VanDassor said she’s heard from only a few union members who are unhappy about when the mandate was issued and nothing since. She said no one from the area had contacted him to ask for the union’s help with compliance.

The students were taken out

Meanwhile, hundreds of students in St. Paul County are still being excluded from school because they have not been vaccinated against many childhood diseases, such as polio, measles, mumps and rubella.

Langworthy told the school board in September that more than 5,000 students were behind on required shots. That number dropped to 935 on October 27, when the district began excluding children from school.

As of Monday, 378 students were still being held out of the school.

“Going from 5,000 a month ago is absolutely amazing,” Langorthi said. “I’d like to be zero because I hate excluding anyone.”

St. Paul County students are not required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

other states

In late August, St. Paul Public Schools told the Minnesota Department of Education that it expects 30 percent of its employees to need weekly tests this school year because they have refused a coronavirus vaccine.

Langworthy said the district recently received test kits and is working to get them out to every school.

Rochester Public Schools, one of the few districts to release vaccination data, said in September that 88 percent of its staff had been fully vaccinated. That area does not have a vaccine mandate.

When New York City’s school system vaccination system went into effect in October, 95 percent of employees were reported to have had at least one shot. The school system there does not offer an alternative to testing.

Ramsey County’s coronavirus vaccination mandate for its employees went into effect Monday.

Requires employees to show proof of vaccination or weekly testing. Those who comply receive incentive payments, while those who do not comply will be disciplined, according to the province’s letter to employees.

Mayor Melvin Carter recently announced that St. Paul city employees have until December 31 for a full coronavirus vaccination. City employees cannot take the test as a substitute, and non-vaccinated people will not be allowed to work.


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