Southfield schools add 1 remote learning day a week



Students at Southfield Public Schools will be home for distance learning on Fridays.

Monday’s announcement came as a shock to many parents.

“It was the last minute,” said Diane Foster. “It was like the email came out of nowhere.” Her child attends Stephenson Elementary School

Latasha Edwards said she was able to return to work when she started school two months ago. She was not able to work last year because they were at home for virtual learning.

“Now they have to go back to school and I have to take a step back from work so it’s going to hurt a lot of parents,” she said.

An email to parents from the supervisor cites “stresses on families and teachers include labor shortages, increased seasonal illnesses, and food supply chain disruptions creating a less than optimal learning environment.”

“Things have been going very smoothly since the beginning of the school year, and all of a sudden they are saying that on Friday they are going back to virtual learning,” Brian Washington said.

A spokesperson for the district said that details will be finalized and more details about the distance learning plan will be available soon.

Meanwhile, parents just hope their kids stay in the classroom most of the time.

“She’s doing really well in school, interacting with the other kids,” Foster said. “It’s a completely different experience than being in school.”


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