School’s park and stride scheme could be an inspiration to others | News

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More schools are encouraged to consider offering garden and step schemes to students as a successful scheme enters its third year.

King James’s School in Knaresborough launched its garden and steps scheme in 2019 with support from Harrogate Borough Council and ourselves, helping the school measure demand for the scheme and find a site. She has recently entered her third year of school.

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Park and stride layouts encourage parents who drive to school to park away from the school gates, while students walk the rest of the way. They provide a safe place for parents to stop or drop off and collect students. The schemes improve road safety at school gates, reduce traffic congestion near the school and improve air quality and the environment around the school.

As part of the King James School scheme, Harrogate Borough Council is issuing a pass to users so they can park for free in the York Place car park at certain times, allowing parents to walk to school with their children.

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Principal Carl Sugden said: “Harogate Borough Council’s generosity in allowing free parking spaces in the York Place car park is a great advantage. This helps reduce congestion around our school yards during delivery and collection times, and as a result of the park and steps plan, more students have the opportunity to Precious walking safely the last five minutes to school outdoors, promoting alertness to support their learning and healthy routine.”

Parents support the scheme. Alex says, “I find the permit very useful, because I usually leave the car parked and take a tour of the parking lot with my dog ​​while I wait, so knowing I have the permit prevents me from worrying about getting a ticket. My son knows where I will be, as before, It was always a gamble if I could park my car in the designated reception area. I also feel that walking from school to the parking lot is safer for my son, because the road has a pelican crossing.” Catherine adds, “Having the pass ensures that I can safely drop off and pick up my daughter without affecting residential roads and gives her a safe path to school through the crossing.”

North Yorkshire County Councilor Don McKenzie, Access Executive Member, said: “There are many advantages to corner and step schemes like these at King James’s School. Keeping motorized vehicles completely clear of school entrances keeps pupils safe, provides a little more useful exercise and improves air quality.

“Our active road safety and travel team would be happy to speak to any school that is keen to investigate the possibility of providing an outline of the situation and steps.”

Chancellor Phil Ireland, Cabinet Member for Carbon Reduction and Sustainability at Harrogate Borough Council said: “We have ambitious plans to reduce carbon emissions across the Harrogate region, and one way to do that is to reduce car trips where possible.

Walking is not only good for your health and wellness, but it also helps relieve some of the congestion around schools.

“I hope that many more people will take full advantage of this incentive and support our efforts in making the region greener for future generations.”

Any interested schools can learn more about garden schemes and steps Contact us via the Open North Yorkshire website, or e-mail

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