Roke Telkom Launch Scholarship Fund


30NS October 2021 – Roke Telkom, a Ugandan public services company for voice and data communications services, today launched the RWE Scholarship Fund in a bid to support university students during their educational journey. The foundation was composed on the son of the late Roke Telkom Chief, Lieutenant Rwehakanira Kiiza.

Speaking at the launch event, Roke Telkom Chairman Kenneth Keesa said, “Roke Telkom is currently working to make the RWE Scholarship Fund a vehicle to support students who have difficulty obtaining funding to continue their education at the university.”


This is a very special initiative by Roke Telkom because it is based on a very personal aspect of one of our own aspects, which is selfless prowess and introspection.

Quoting a wise saying: Helping someone may not change the world, but it can change the world for someone, Kiza explained, “As such, in memory of my son, we thought it was crucial to support other young people in their endeavors in life, especially quality education, and therefore, in the spirit of giving back, the RWE Scholarship Fund has today to support young people across the country to obtain Further education at Ancol Western University, Kabuhi,”


Roger Sikazega, CEO of Roke Telkom noted in his remarks that Roke Telkom is pleased to be part of the change by contributing to the fund that aims to give young people access to quality education.

He noted that “in this day and age, education is a pioneering path for young people to learn and discover their interests, which in turn can be used to contribute positively to society.

For the same reason, we are thrilled to launch this foundation and to be a part of this noble cause in the country, especially during this time when people’s ability to raise money for education has been limited by the economic constraints arising from a pandemic.”

Six students from Kabale and Boshini are already under the scholarship fund and applications are open to learners from all regions of the country who wish to study at Ancol West University in pursuit of a dream diploma or undergraduate education.

“The launch of the Foundation concludes a series of corporate social investment in which we have been involved across the country since the beginning of October by supporting vulnerable communities and groups including the children’s ward at the Uganda Cancer Institute where we donated wheelchairs and other essential items,” Sekazega concluded.

Roke Telkom Local Telecom has been in operation for fifteen (15) years with a presence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.

At this time, Roke Telkom has supported communities with more recent entries through a COVID-19 grant to develop a tracking program for COVID-19 patients, a partnership with Facebook to provide fast Wi-Fi across more than 600 Rokespots in Uganda, as well as the Roke Gives Back campaign Annual annual survey conducted across the country since 2015.


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