Police seize car after repeatedly warning owner about lack of insurance

Surrey police impounded a car after the driver ignored repeated warnings from the force due to its lack of insurance.

A photo shared by the police shows the impounded car with a sticker affixed to the rear window that reads: “No insurance. It was seized by the police.”

“The driver of this car knew they had no insurance because we sent messages to their address to let them know,” Surrey Police wrote in a tweet early on Sunday morning (November 21).

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“The driver admitted seeing the messages but chose to continue driving without any insurance. This was reported and the car impounded.”

Under the Continuing Insurance Enforcement Scheme, the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) and DVLA work in partnership to identify uninsured vehicles by comparing DVLA vehicle records with those in the Motor Insurance Database (MID).

This means that you do not have to drive until you are arrested without insurance.

An Insurance Advisory Letter (IAL) is sent to the registered custodian of a vehicle that appears to be uninsured. This message will let them know that their vehicle appears to be unlocked and prompt them to take action.

If they fail to do so and their vehicle is confirmed to be uninsured, they will receive a fine from the DVLA.

In addition to a fixed fine of £300 and six penalty points, penalties for driving without insurance can include an unlimited fine and even disqualification to drive.

The police can also confiscate and in some cases destroy a vehicle that was driven without insurance.

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