Platinum’s Sol Cresta delayed from December •

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During “So Sorry Hideki Kamiya” series.

Sol Cresta, Platinum Games’ upcoming vertical shooter, will not release this coming December.

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Platinum’s Hideki Kamiya announced the delay this morning during an hour-long livestream titled “Sol Cresta: Hideki Kamiya’s Very Sorry Stream,” which also included new gameplay footage.

There’s no word on when Sol Cresta will arrive right now, though Kamiya said he hopes to reveal the game’s new release date as early as 2022.

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Sol Cresta was given a previous release date of December 9 only for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch back in September, shortly after the game was shown in the game locker in action.

Designed as a sequel to the classic vertical-scrolling shooter games Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta, the game marks the first of a new wave of retro-inspired games that Platinum plans to release.

It’s also one of no fewer than six announced projects currently in the works at the busy studio.

Today’s live stream, which you can watch in full above, features “Caravan Mode,” a new five-minute attack trailer, revealing the game’s opening movie. This revealed the location of the game, as written by Kamiya, which was translated by Gematsu.

In essence, the Sol Cresta story appears when Earth faces a new threat, following the Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta missions in the past.

“And now the Zohar, transformed into Mega Zohar, has taken over the sun and hid mankind like a rat in Laomedeia, the twelfth moon of Neptune,” revealed the beginning of the game.

“Their fates are now a candle in the wind, they have formed the Sol Cresta and, with the advanced ship Yamato, make their last efforts.

“And now, the clutches of Mega Zohar reach you.”

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