Photographers create Monterey landscape wallpaper for macOS


Apple traditionally offers a bunch of new wallpapers with new versions of macOS, and although macOS Monterey comes with an abstract image representing the place, there are no nature wallpapers this time around. With that in mind, Andrew Levitt and his friends decided to create their own Monterey landscape wallpaper for macOS users they missed.

Levitt and his friends’ work became known after photographers recreated the default macOS wallpapers, all from places in California. But this year, macOS Monterey didn’t have a landscape wallpaper to be recreated — so they had to shoot their wallpaper.

As easy as this might sound, the group of friends went to Monterey, California to find out what exactly they were going to take pictures of for a brand new wallpaper. The default macOS Monterey wallpaper is inspired by a local submerged valley, which makes it nearly impossible to take pictures there.


Of course, one of the criteria for the new wallpaper was to depict something that looked like an official Apple wallpaper, and that was one of the most difficult tasks. According to Levitt, there are many obstacles in Monterey that can be distracting when looking at the photo.

Fortunately, they found a great setting and succeeded in creating a beautiful dynamic backdrop to the Monterey landscape.


The wallpaper is available for download on the Levitt website. There is a static version and a dynamic version that changes based on the time of day.

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