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‘Is there a waiting period for newborns to be covered by health insurance in Dubai?’


God has blessed us with New baby A few weeks ago and now I want to add it to medical insurance policy provided by the employer. My contract states that the company will provide cover for the husband and three children as part of my salary. I want my son medical cover We start from the day he was born as we have some expenses we paid for ourselves in addition to the standard obstetric package and hospital coverage. We

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Scholarships available from Parkersburg Area Community Foundation | News, Sports, Jobs


Parkersburg – The Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and its affiliates have launched the 2022 Consolidated Grant Application. The Foundation operates more than 180 student scholarship funds in 11 county service areas in Calhoun, Dodridge, Gilmer, Jackson, Mason, Pleasants, Ritchie, Rowan, Wertwood, and Washington counties. With the online scholarship application, students can apply for multiple scholarships through one easy application. To apply, students should go to the institution’s website, The application must be completed and submitted online by March 1.

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New initiatives increase pronoun visibility at WSU – WSU Insider


Washington State University is celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month and International Day of Pronouns with new initiatives that will allow students to include their pronouns on class rolls and CougarCards. The initiatives aim to increase conscientiousness throughout the WSU system and are the result of several months of collaboration between students associated with Washington State University (ASWSU), the Identity/Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center (GIESORC), Student Affairs Department, IT Services, and the Gender Identity/Expression and Orientation Authority sexual. “This effort is

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Should you get a COVID booster vaccine while sick? Here's what experts say – WUSA9


Should you get a COVID booster vaccine while sick? This is what the experts sayWUSA9 opinion | Do not jump on the promotion of all adultsMedPage today Do rapid tests detect the Omicron variant?CBS Boston America has the booster shots undervaluedmagazine of the week Do COVID-19 enhancers have specific delta variant defenses? | VerificationWUSA9 View full coverage on Google News .

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Pokémon Go now runs much smoother on iPhones


New update for pokemon go iOS allows you to run the game at higher frame rates. With version 1.191.0”, the “Advanced Settings” section of the app now includes an option that reads “Unlock your device’s original refresh rate to get a higher FPS.” “ I’ve tried it on my iPhone 13 Pro and it makes a huge difference. pokemon go It’s not the most visually complex game, of course, but there’s plenty of scrolling and camera movement, and the smoother

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PCF Insurance giving $8.2M to employees


Peter Foy, Founder and CEO of PCF, said: “Our success stems from the commitment and dedication of our employees. We’re all in this together, and we’re excited to deliver on our long-standing promise that we’ll all share in our collective prosperity.” (Credit: ngad/Adobe Stock) The company reports that the PCF Insurance Services management team is splitting $8.2 million equally among 1,800 employees this holiday season. The news follows a management and partner-led purchase that valued the business at $2.2 billion

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AWS Announces Scholarship Program For Their AI And ML courses


AWS recently announced the launch of the AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program in collaboration with Intel and Udacity, designed to prepare underrepresented and disadvantaged students globally for careers in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program is launched as part of the all-new Student Service AWS DeepRacer and Student League. This is a new student section of the popular AWS DeepRacer, a cloud-based 3D car racing simulator that provides a fun way to learn

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More than 70 children from city’s schools join in with annual Coventry Peaceful Schools’ Conference


Over 70 children from across the city joined together for the first annual Coventry Schools Peaceful Conference It took place last Friday at the “Chapter House Auditorium” in Coventry Cathedral and gave presentations on peace and reconciliation and promoting a more peaceful learning environment for schools. The morning began with a taped interview with Mrs. Kiko, who was eight years old when she survived the first atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. It was recorded at the Hiroshima Peace

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