Ogun seeks community leaders’ support for health insurance scheme

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The Ogun State Government said that effective and quality healthcare delivery can be achieved with the support of relevant stakeholders.

In a statement on Tuesday, the state’s commissioner for health, Dr. Tommy Coker, said community involvement was central to her campaign to implement the state’s health insurance plan.

She was quoted as speaking at a stakeholder meeting with heads of the Community Development Association across the state’s 20 Local Government Areas organized by the State Health Insurance Agency in Ogun, Abeokuta.

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Many countries of the world have achieved health quality through health insurance when societies pool resources together with government. The government cannot do this alone. We have to cooperate with the current administration to ensure that we have a quality health system in our state.

“In such a situation, it is not only those patients who will contribute but every member of the community. Resources will be used to care for anyone who is sick because we all win together,” Coker said.

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It is unfortunate that Ogun state has been lagging behind in implementing the health insurance scheme, the commissioner said, saying that a large number of states in the country have started it since 2018.

The Executive Secretary of OGSHIA, Dr. Afolabi Dosumu, appreciated the various community leaders present, assuring that health insurance in the informal sector would reduce the cost spent on treating common ailments.

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