After a protest from its users, Notability says it is making changes to its controversial subscription policy to ensure that people who previously purchased the app retain lifetime access to all existing features and content.

The course patch was announced by the company on Tuesday in a blog post on Medium, after the popular note-taking app received a huge backlash from users who were upset to learn that switching Notability to a subscription model means the features they purchased will stop working after one. . general.

Yesterday, we made a big announcement about our move to a free app with an optional subscription. We’ve heard the disappointment from our existing customers, and we want to correct our course.

Today, we’re making some changes (coming soon in Notability 11.0.2). Anyone who purchased Notability prior to switching to a subscription on November 1, 2021 will have lifetime access to all existing features and any previously purchased content in the app.

Lifetime access will include unlimited editing, iCloud sync, and any features or content purchased through in-app purchases, according to the developers, who added: “Future features we develop may also be included, depending on their complexity and cost of maintenance.”


We are a small company, so we designed the original 1 year access plan as a precaution because we weren’t sure if we could support lifetime access. We sincerely apologize for putting our existing users in this situation.

The Notability path correction means the app no ​​longer violates Apple’s App Store review guidelines, which prevent apps switching to a subscription model from taking away basic functionality that existing users have already paid for.

It’s not clear if Apple forced its hand to stick to the guidelines or if consumer pressure was the main influence. Either way, changing the Notability might of course make it less likely that other app developers looking at the subscription model would try a similar strategy to undo features that existing users have already purchased.

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