‘New World’ disables “all forms” of wealth transfers to combat gold exploit

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Amazon Game Studios disrupted wealth transfers in new world To combat the exploitation of gold in the MMO game.

The news came to new world Yesterday (November 1), Amazon also said it was “temporarily disabling all transfers of wealth between players (i.e. sending currency, guild treasury, trading center, player-to-player trading).”

According to the post, there will be updates as soon as the exploit is investigated, and also when the fortune is transferred back to the game. The topic in the post clarifies that penalties will be imposed on players who participated in the occurrence of a duplication defect new worldThey will soon be granted a ban.

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A community manager added in the thread of the post: “We will have trades tonight while we work and test a fix for the issue. A patch for this issue will be released as soon as possible.”

new world. Credit: Amazon Studios

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Users on the r/newworldgame subreddit discuss the news, some even saying the bug has been around since the beta release. “The exact method was reported/discussed extensively in the official forums during both open and closed betas,” says one of the authors, “I can’t believe AGS left this live, let alone one month into release.”

new world It’s still trying to find its legs as an MMO, with other issues like moderation allowing players to load HTML code in the chat box and possibly crashing the recently nascent game.

At first it was just an enlarged image of a sausage in the chat, but placing this code in the chat box can trick players into downloading malware on their PC as well.

In other news, Blackreef’s preparation for Deathloop It is designed around Scotland and the Faroe Islands, according to developer Arkane Studios.

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