New schools in Wales must be net zero from 2022

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amentioned before BBC News, the new School and college buildings in Wales will have to achieve net zero targets from January

Major renovations, expansions and new buildings must be in line with standards aimed at maximizing energy efficiency. Lancarvan Primary School will be the first new school. Education Secretary Jeremy Miles said the new rules would help reverse the damage from climate change.

The £5 million Vale of Glamorgan School will generate its own energy and will have electric car chargers. In addition to achieving energy efficiency once built, the building process must also reduce carbon emissions. Everything is geared towards achieving net zero, said assistant site manager David Williams.

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“Everything is scaled correctly, so we don’t have a lot of material,” he said.

“Everything in this building is procured using local contractors, and it’s clear that it saves the carbon generated by them traveling from a distance.”

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The company is also trialling the use of electric forklifts on site.

New Welsh government rules call for a 20% reduction in carbon emissions from construction and materials sourcing. And they are ready to get tougher. Education Minister Jeremy Miles said it was an “important contribution to our ambitious plan” to achieve net zero Wales by 2050.

“We are seeing year-on-year improvement in school property across Wales,” he said.

“But there are many old schools in Wales and it is more of a challenge to make sure that they do their part.”

They are checked to see what improvements need to be made.

“This will enable us to come up with a plan over time to modify these schools as well,” said Miles.

He said the Lancarvan School will feature QR codes that, when scanned, explain the building’s technology and how it helps tackle climate change. Vice Principal Frances Williams described the new site as “the 21st century school we’ve been dreaming of”.

“We have been doing a project in the school based on new technologies and we hope that the learning will continue as we move in the area as well,” she said.

The new school will be in Rhoose, rather than four miles away in the village of Llancarfan of the same name where the current school is located. The move infuriated some, with more than 1,000 people against the plans during two advisory sessions.

Williams remained enthusiastic, adding, “The facilities are absolutely amazing and the learning opportunities they will provide for us are equally exciting.”

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