Miss Africa Idaho Scholarship Program to take place in Boise on Saturday

The annual Miss Africa Idaho Scholarship Program Saturday to Boise.

While all contestants have already been selected, we welcome anyone to come and see more information about the different cultures of Africa in a family friendly event.

Program director Winnie Christensen says they have worked hard all year to prepare for Saturday.

“They worked hard for this event, they want to showcase their culture and educate people,” she said. “They want to bridge that gap and show people, ‘Hey, we’re not different, and if we are, let’s celebrate our differences together. ”

The event will start with a traditional dance and end with a formal attire, and of course the coronation of the new Miss Africa Idaho at 8:30 pm

“We will start with a traditional African dance, and then they will show different traditional costumes from different regions where they come from,” Christensen said. “Then they display their talents, the ladies will design a costume in the colors of the flag they represent, and we’ll conclude the day with evening gowns and, of course, the coronation.”

She says that all of the contestants have already won, even though there is only one winner.

“It’s a program where we empower these young women to become leaders in their communities, and showcase their programming,” Christensen said.

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