Milwaukee Transit Announces Second Rosa Parks Scholarship

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The Milwaukee County Transit System will offer the Rosa Parks Tribute Scholarship to Milwaukee County high school seniors for the second year.

The system said in a statement that the $1,000 scholarship is for high school seniors to attend a commercial school, college or university in the fall of 2022.

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Students must apply online and submit a letter of recommendation from a trusted adult before January 7. They should also submit a short essay based on Parks’ quote, “Each person should live his life as a model for others.” Three winners will be announced on Parks’ birthday, February 4, 2022.

The transit system will keep one seat open on each of its buses from December 1 to 3 in honor of the parks, the system said. The seats will feature a red rose, a banner with Parkes’ image and a note about her refusal to give up a bus seat in 1955, which led to the Supreme Court’s ruling outlawing racial segregation on public transportation.

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Interested students can apply for the scholarship online.

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