Kwara Gov Pledges Scholarship Awards to 16 Students from Rural Communities

By Hammed Shittu in Ilorin

Kwara State Governor Alhaji Abdul Rahman Abdul Razzaq has expressed the state government’s readiness to offer scholarships to sixteen outstanding students from rural communities who will graduate from the second cycle of the Emerging Rural Leaders Fellowship (CELF) held in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State. .

Announcing the announcement at a press conference in Ilorin on Monday, the fellowship organizer, Malam Lawal Olalikan Uluhongbibi, said the government has committed to providing scholarships to all outstanding participants from all 16 local government districts.

Olohungbebe, who spoke on behalf of the Hashem Initiative for Advancement of Society (HICA) and the Hannes Institute for Development Studies (HIDS), organizers of the fellowship, said the aim of the CELF is to stimulate and inspire creativity and critical thinking among selected young participants. of all 16 local government areas in Kwara State.

Speaking, the meeting organizer said the press conference has been called to officially launch the second edition of the CELF 2.O-branded program with the theme: “Nurturing Potential and Achieving Growth.”

Olohungbebe revealed that CELF as an educational intervention aims to build capacity of youth especially in rural areas to drive development in their various communities.

According to him, “Given the very limited opportunities available in rural communities, the quality of education that young people receive in rural areas, the level of exposure and the remote possibility of continuing their education after high school, CELF is seen as violating the wide range of gaps for young people living in those communities.”

“We believe that with the right guidance and support, they can take charge of their lives in their rightful place and use CELF training to transform the fortunes of their families and communities.”

The meeting organizer added that CELF 2.O has a new approach and focus as applicants will now be required to submit a letter of intent along with other application documents, while the focus of the fellowship itself will be on providing courses on entrepreneurship, mentorship, personality and community development.

Acknowledging the donations and support of individuals, corporate bodies, civil societies, community organizations and other partners, Olohungbebe said that the impact of the first edition of the CELF has made the fellowship endearing to a larger number of partners who have now joined the board. To give their absolute support to the second edition.

He commended the governor of the state, Haj Abdul Rahman Abdul-Rasaq, for his donations to the participants last year and for his greater commitment to the success of this year’s edition.

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