Hundreds of new places to be created at Worksop school


Driven by new residential developments in the district, new school and school expansions have been proposed to “mitigate” the impact of new homes on local communities.

Funding is provided through Section 106 agreements, which is a legal obligation between the developer and the local authority.


Portland Outwood Academy is one of four schools in Nottinghamshire that will be expanded to offer more school spaces.

There are currently over 200 live S106 Agreements in Nottinghamshire, which include contributions for education purposes.

Funding is also provided through government grants.


During the council’s Children and Youth Committee meeting, council members will be asked to approve new projects and expansions for schools in the county.

The council’s report said: “The council is committed to providing adequate quality school places for all Nottinghamshire children.

“The Schools Capital Program is an essential component of this commitment.

There are currently 214 live S106 agreements that include contributions for education purposes and another 79 agreements are under negotiation.

“Depending on the scale of development to which the planning application relates, these capital funding contributions range from relatively small amounts funding only a few additional school spaces, all to millions of pounds to provide for major expansions or entirely new schools.”

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Four schools in Nottinghamshire will be expanded, including Portland Outwood Academy and Worksop, which will provide an additional 300 school places, and three additional schools in Mansfield.

Planned new schools include an elementary school with 210 places in Bingham, a school with 315 places in East Lake and an elementary school with 210 places in Netherfield.


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