Hundreds of children miss out on first choice secondary school in Nottinghamshire


Nottinghamshire County Council data showed that 93.4 per cent of children of reception age attended their primary school of choice in 2021/202 – up from 92.4 per cent the previous school year.

However, for secondary schools, that number dropped to 91.7 percent.


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Hundreds of new places will be created at Worksop School

Con Tracy Taylor, Chair of the Children and Youth Committee of Nottinghamshire Council. Photo: Tracy Whitefoot.

The data showed that in the last school year there were 8,681 Nottinghamshire residents’ requests – and none of their four preferences were met for the more than 200 children.

Chancellor Tracy Taylor, chair of the Council’s Children and Youth Committee, said: “Although the number of parents receiving an offer of a first preferential secondary school for admission in September 2021 is slightly down from previous years, in Nottinghamshire, most students continue to get places on their first choice.

More than 90 per cent of Nottinghamshire children received their parents’ favorite high school academy for the month of September, with 96.9 per cent of families submitting one of their favorite academies. This is similar to the previous year, 96.9 percent.

“All secondary schools in Nottinghamshire are schools under the Admissions Authority and are responsible for setting their own admission override criteria, including the published admission number – the number of children the school can accept.

“It cannot be asserted strongly enough that parents should carefully check the criteria for increasing the number of schools they prefer, include four preferences in their application – at least one of which has a strong chance of getting a place based on the increase-subscription criteria – and ensure that they apply at the time. specified”.


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