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Home Schooling: Is It Right For Your Child?

Education keeps you ahead. Always.

Section 1: What is home schooling?

At its core, home schooling is about education. People home school to help their children to develop skills, talents and abilities so they can be better at whatever they do. That could be making friends, getting good grades, being a good worker or even just being an awesome person. That’s why we home school.

The more obvious feature of home schooling is that children are taught by their parents at home. This has its upsides and downsides.

Houses are generally messy and for some parents that’s a deal breaker. The parents also need to have a bit of extra time.

At the same time, children usually learn more by being taught at home than they would at school. This means home schooling is often the more efficient way to teach a child.

How to decide if home schooling is right for your child

This article is written with both hopeful and realistic outcomes. You’re very likely to consider home schooling to be ideal for your child. Or, if you already do so, you’ll be completely relieved to hear that your child is thriving and making progress. Whatever your life experience, you are likely to believe that home schooling is best for your child.

But, please don’t be surprised to find that home schooling might not be right for your child and your family. There are many reasons to feel like home schooling is a good choice for your family, but others should make you question whether your child would really benefit from home schooling in the long run.

If you feel hesitant to home school your child, you’re not alone.

The pros and cons of home schooling

The dilemma of home schooling.

Is there a need for home schooling?

Cons of home schooling

Myths and misconceptions about home schooling

The family myth:

the tendency to teach children from a young age

teaching from a young age teaching an already established knowledge

cons of the siting model

the bigger you are the more you will learn

intense teaching as soon as the child starts to learn

Is home schooling right for you?

If you’re considering home schooling, you should ask yourself a few questions. When I ask my own home schooling self these questions, I still don’t know the answers. I’m not yet comfortable with my decision. I’m not even sure if I would ask these same questions of anyone else. They are just questions to help you on your journey.

Examples of families who have chosen to homeschool their children

Families who home school understand that being on the cutting edge of new developments in your child’s educational choices is an investment in the child’s long-term future.

This is your child’s first time to really take charge of their learning and development. A traditional school education, even one that is self-directed, is not likely to give the level of guidance and support required to ensure your child is in the best possible position to grow as a person.


Most parents, when they see the challenges that being a single parent brings, don’t think twice before deciding to work the full-time job to provide for their family. However, for some parents, it becomes a last resort when they finally realize that being a single parent is not a permanent option. After years of balancing a full-time job with being a single parent, it finally dawns on them that they can’t do it on their own. They’re always stressed, running out of time to play, and never get a day off. That’s why they’re looking into the solution and that’s why home schooling is the answer.

Before you decide to home school, ask yourself these questions.

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