H&H Insurance Brokers teams up with Carlisle RFC

“Essentially, the more fans and fans – or even those who are not necessarily fans but want to support their local club – who provide their insurance for us, the more income we will transfer to the club.”

According to HHIB, 10% of any income earned by the local broker through transferred leads, provided the clients’ “CRFC” is quoted, will be transferred to the Carlisle RFC.

Graham noted: “We know the club has some big plans and wants to expand and grow, and we want to help in every way we can.

“It would be easy for us to put some money in the form of a sponsorship package, but we want to go further and offer something that can have a huge impact on the fortunes of the club.”

For Carlisle RFC’s Director of Fundraising and Partnerships, Barry Earl (pictured right), this link is a perfect fit.

“This will help raise awareness and attract more business for HHIB, and will certainly help boost funding at the Carlisle RFC,” said Earl, who highlighted Graham’s enthusiasm to help.

“We were thrilled with HHIB’s agreement to become an affiliate sponsor, but we were over the moon when they came up with the Affinity account because that would really be good for our club as a whole.”

Earl, whose camp depends on the dedication of coaches and volunteer players, said the proceeds would go toward refurbishing the club at Warwick Road or investing in training equipment.



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