Health insurance tying 33% of employees to their jobs, survey says


An opinion poll published on October 26 found that the idea of ​​losing health coverage prevents workers from leaving their jobs or starting their own businesses.

Nearly 33 percent of employees would be somewhat or very likely to quit their job in the near future if it weren’t for employer-provided health care coverage, according to the study, which included 1,401 adults. Among adults ages 18 to 34, the same number has inflated to 40 percent.

More than a quarter of respondents (26 percent) said that if health insurance was not a factor, they would start their own business. Among people aged 18-34, 37 percent said insurance was a major factor discouraging entrepreneurship from doing so.


The survey also found a well of uncertainty surrounding knowledge of health insurance policy and general choices. About 61 percent of respondents were unsure if financial aid was available for ACA plans.




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