Hair loss: Eat more eggs, berries and fatty fish to help increase hair growth says expert

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dispel myths

“It is a common misconception that washing your hair causes hair loss, with many refraining from washing ‘too much’ just in case it is true,” said Dr. Mo.

“If you notice hair loss from washing, you are probably only removing hairs that are ready to fall out due to male-pattern hair loss, while combing and running your hands through your hair also has the same effect.

“It may be helpful to try quality enhancing shampoos, those with essential oils and nutrients including – argan oil, iron, vitamin B3/niacin, amla oil, sage oil, rosemary and saw palmetto, a natural botanical ingredient with a range of health benefits. other.

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“Research has shown that saw palmetto can help protect tissues in the prostate from the attack of harmful diseases such as cancer, reduce inflammation and can boost testosterone and thus sex drive.”

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