Got a ‘SSSS’ Stamp on Your Boarding Pass? Travel Expert Explains What it Means


Plane trips are a collection of experiences that you collect on the way. Late flights, bad seats, and unorganized check-in can spoil the mood and make you hate flying. However, you have different ways to avoid these mishaps and make your travel smoother. But, one particular event, which can be equally annoying, is the boarding pass getting an evil four-point mark. SSSS, which stands for, Secondary Security Screening Selection, is a stamp given at random to passengers on an international flight to the United States. If your boarding pass bears the “SSSS” stamp, you are ready for a full inspection, even though you are only a good citizen. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to avoid your boarding pass getting the “SSSS” stamp. In some cases, some people get this seal frequently, which is simply annoying. Thanks to a traveler/innovator, there’s a solution to this frequent source of nuisance, reports The Mirror.

Michelle G is a luxury travel creator who continues to post aesthetic clips of some of the most beautiful places on earth. Additionally, it also posts some travel tricks that come in handy in some sticky airport situations. Michelle uploaded a video on TikTok, explaining how to exit a boarding pass stamped with “SSSS”. According to her, applying for a compensation number on the official website of the Department of Homeland Security initiates a process where your documents and records are reviewed by the department. Next, you must enter the equity number while booking the plane ticket.

“Once they’ve investigated your records and hopefully cleared you up, you’ll want to enter your compensation number on all of your flight reservations from now on, and hopefully you’ll be fine,” she says in the video. She added that this trick will only work for people who get the “SSSS” stamp frequently. If it happens so rarely, it must have been one of those days where you get picked at random.


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