Ghana: SIC, NUGS Collaborate to Insure Tertiary Students

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SIC Insurance Plc, in cooperation with the National Student Union of Ghana (NUGS), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for an insurance package for higher education students in the country called ‘SIC Campus Secure’.

The new insurance package for students enrolled at NUGS will ensure financial solutions when they face critical challenges during their entire higher education period.

This policy is designed to provide coverage for events such as accidents that result in injuries and may result in permanent disability or death and assertions in terms of school fees, accommodation/hostel fees and pocket allowance.

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Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Faris Atriki, General Manager Operations at SIC Insurance Plc, noted that SIC Insurance as a leader in the insurance business considered it necessary to partner with NUGS to provide an insurance solution to accommodate the critical needs of students at a higher education level.

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“We are not here to launch a product but to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with NUGS outlining a relationship that will last a long time and will be beneficial to all of us, but most importantly, the students of this country who represent the future generation. It provides students with financial resources and the security of their time on campus.”

Mr. Stephen Oduro, Managing Director of SIC Insurance Plc. In his speech, he emphasized the appropriate nature of the “SIC Campus Secure” policy. “I am happy to witness this partnership because looking at the documents that you can see for example, if the parents/guardians are no more, they will not go away from your education. With this policy, you are assured that your education will not be interrupted.”

The President of NUGS, Emmanuel Bouaki Yeyadom, who represented the student body to sign the memorandum of understanding, expressed optimism that the policy came at the right time to rescue students from the unexpected challenges they face at the higher education level.

“We have agents on campuses across the country who will be trained by both SIC Insurance Plc and NUGS to educate and educate students to be familiar with the operations,” he said and commended SIC Insurance Plc. To participate in such a novelty, higher education students across the country hope to enroll and make it a success.


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