Further delay on decison over Brecon schools


Welsh ministers have given Powys County Council a twelve-week extension to consider proposals for a new primary school in Brecon.

The Board plans to merge Mount Street Infant School, Mount Street Junior School and Craddock Elementary School to create a new elementary school as part of Brecon District Educational Transformation Plans.


Earlier this year, the council held legal consultations on the proposal, which concluded on May 12.

Under the Welsh Public Schools Regulation Act, the Council is required to publish proposals within 26 weeks of the end of the period allowed for counseling responses.


The 26-week period relating to these proposals was due to expire on November 10, 2021.

However, the Council applied to Welsh ministers for an extension of time, which was granted and has now been extended for another 12 weeks.

The Board must now publish any legal notice regarding these proposals by February 2, 2022.

Cabinet Member Phil Davies, Cabinet Member for Education and Property, said: “I would like to thank Welsh Ministers for allowing an extension of time for this proposal.

“This extension will allow us time to work through and respond comprehensively to the complex issues raised during the consultation period. Once this is completed, a report will be submitted to the Cabinet for consideration.

“I would like to thank the communities of all the schools for their patience. We understand that these are difficult times but that is why we must make sure that the work on this report is fully done before any recommendations are finalised.”

Commenting on further delays, Chancellor Ian McIntosh said: “I have been told that a decision on the future of Craddock Elementary School has been delayed again, for the third time, by the Powys County Board of Education’s Department of Education.

“I contacted education officials, to try and find out why there was further delay, and was notified that due to the high volume of responses to the consultation, which raised many complex issues, it took much longer than originally anticipated to work through them all.

A letter from the Council’s Director of Education, explaining how the Council applied for an extension of time to make a recommendation to the Council of Ministers, with a new deadline of February 2, 2022.

“As more uncertainty caused by these delays affects school staff and children, I have asked the Department of Education to let me know their recommendations as soon as possible. I will provide any further updates as soon as I, the school or the governors hear more.”

For more information on transforming education at Powys, visit https://cy.powys.gov.uk/trawsnewidaddysg


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