Figures show number of covid cases in Middlesbrough schools, with another increase expected

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More than 2,000 children and school staff have tested positive for Covid during the last term in Middlesbrough.

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In just one week, there were 484 cases, according to figures shared during the Middlesbrough Health Screening Committee on Monday, November 1.

The new term began on Friday 3 September and there were 215 positive cases in the week of 6 September.

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he goes Here For the latest Coronavirus Teesside updates and Covid-19 breaking news

Cases increased to 279 (September 13) and then decreased to 264 (September 20), then to 241 (September 27) before rising to 371 (October 4) and then hitting a week high at 484 (October 11).

Then they started dropping again in the week before half term to 311 and then to 101 during half term week.

South Tees public health intelligence specialist Alistair Stewart said he expects an increase this week as schools return.

Another dataset shared at the meeting showed positive cases for the previous two weeks through October 29 broken down by school.

Among the schools covered, Macmillan Academy had the highest number of positive cases for pupils with 65 cases, followed by Trinity Catholic College with 30 cases, and then Outwood Aclam Academy with 29 cases.

The total number reported by Middlesbrough schools for children who tested positive in the two weeks to October 29 was 245.

However, Public Health England data shows that 428 children between reception and Year 11 tested positive.

Schoolchildren receive an injection of the Corona virus vaccine

Mr Stewart added: “It is up to the schools to send these details and we know that not all cases have been sent to us.

“Unfortunately, the public health data I receive daily does not say which school they attend, so we are relying on that.

“You can see in the last two weeks, the number of pupil cases is 245, while from the list of Public Health England I get from the data I get from 428 cases in children.

“A large part of that will go down to half of the semester and schools are not reporting on that, so we’re likely to get an increase in the next couple of days with cases that have occurred previously that schools are starting to bring in.”

The public health official said they are working with schools to ensure the data is properly reported.

Schools are also working with health administrators to ensure the vaccine is rolled out.

Mr Stewart said some parents have problems sorting out consent for their children to get an injection.

He added, “I think there have been issues in terms of having very short lead times for parents to change consent forms, having to print them, and not having digital options.”

The data, which will reveal how many children have been vaccinated in each school, is not yet available although expected.

However, if pupils miss the vaccine, slots can now be reserved for children aged 12 to 15 through the national reservation system.

The vaccination program has already visited five schools in Middlesbrough including Aclam Grange School, Hollis Academy, Unity City Academy, Beverly School and Macmillan Academy.

See below for suggested dates for the vaccination program to visit the remaining Middlesbrough schools:

  • November 11 – Kings Academy
  • November 23 – Outwood Acklam
  • November 26 – River Tees
  • December 3 – Unity City Academy (2nd day)
  • December 8 – Outwood Ormsby (Day 2)

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