Fifty Afghan evacuee children start school in Staffordshire

Dozens of evacuees from Afghanistan attended their first day of school after being transferred to Staffordshire.

About 50 young men from Afghanistan and their families have been moved to short-term accommodations in Newcastle after being flown from the war-torn country earlier this year.

Staffordshire County Council is working with local schools to find back-up places for children.

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School uniforms were donated by residents and local organizations, and money raised through the county council’s online fundraising program was used to purchase much-needed school shoes, bags, and physical education tools.

Councilor Jonathan Price, a member of the Cabinet for Schools in the county council, said: “Our teams have worked hard with local schools to ensure these children are found in appropriate settings, and I would like to thank the local schools for how welcoming and welcoming they are. It is a very exciting time for these children to spend Their first day at Staffordshire School, but it’s something very different from their education in Afghanistan, so we’ve provided support to help them adjust.

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“The generosity of the locals has been amazing. We have had a lot of uniforms donated which have been very helpful and I would urge people to keep donating through our JustGiving page, as this money will go directly towards buying exactly what they need” .

The children and their families, who were evacuated from Afghanistan after helping British forces and risking their lives in doing so, will call Newcastle home until they are given permanent positions across the country.

The County Council is working with the Home Office, county and borough councils and other partners to ensure the ongoing safety of those evacuees as they make Newcastle their temporary home.

People can still donate to the JustGiving fundraising association by visiting the page here.


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