Everything in CoD Mobile Season 10 update: New maps, weapons, modes, more

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Season 10 of CoD Mobile is fast approaching, with a manual title set to bring more maps, weapons, and modes into the mix. Before the major update arrives, here’s an early look at everything on the way.

As CoD Mobile Season 9 kicks off, many are already looking forward to what’s on the horizon. As usual with the free game, each month brings a huge parade of new content, and Season 10 is set to be no different.

From the usual selection of maps and weapons to completely new features and game modes, there is always plenty to get you excited.

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Before CoD Mobile Season 10 arrives, here’s an early rundown of everything we know so far.

New CoD Mobile Season 10 Release Date

No official date has been set for a CoD Mobile Season 10 update.

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However, based on the current season 9 schedule, we can make an informed guess as to when it will arrive. The Season 9 Battle Pass is set to expire on Thursday, November 18. Since new seasons always follow instantly, it’s safe to expect CoD Mobile Season 10 update in Thursday 18 November Moreover.

We’ll keep you posted here as the developers confirm the Season X release date.


CoD Mobile Season 9 is almost over, which means Season 10 is coming soon.

New CoD Mobile Season 10 Weapons

Four new CoD Mobile weapons have been leaked through the latest test server. While some may be safe bets for the Season 10 update, they’re worth taking with caution for now. Some will likely be held back for future seasons, if they ever see daylight.

With that said, the four new CoD Mobile weapons are as follows:

  • Sniper rifle: SVD Dragunov
  • SMG: P90
  • LMG: PKM
  • Operator: Sector D13

Three of these weapons appeared in Modern Warfare 2019 while the D13 Sector appeared in Black Ops 3. There is no word at the moment on what weapons might appear in Season 10, but we’ll keep you updated here as the details are confirmed.

Black Ops 3

Sector D13 from Black Ops 3 can be shown in CoD Mobile Season 10.

New CoD Mobile Season 10 Maps

While it’s still early days now, it looks like an upcoming map has already been confirmed for CoD Mobile Season 10.

Vacancy of Modern Warfare 2019 is Supposedly On the way, the mini map seems to be making its way into the handheld experience. The popular map debuted in 2007, and has been redesigned several times since then. The CoD Mobile port appears to have been taken from the 2019 version of Modern Warfare.

Given the recent patterns, there’s a good chance there’s at least one more map in the pipeline. We will keep you updated on any new additions.

CoD Modern Warfare Vacancy

Vacant debuted in Modern Warfare in 2007.

CoD Mobile Season 10 New Player Skill: Ordnance Chest

CoD Mobile Season 10 appears to be adding a new client skill to the mix. Similar to how the field upgrade works in major CoD entries, the Ordnance Chest will soon allow CoD Mobile players to recreate their team.

When you drop the ammo chest on the map, you and your teammates can get the maximum ammo again. On top of that, shooting the chest can also damage nearby enemies once you’re done.

Scorestreak for the new season 10 of CoD Mobile: Energy Storm

Also live on the latest version of the CoD Mobile Quiz, an all-new Scorestreak. Known as an Energy Storm, this devastating opening creates an enormous ray of energy at a specific point on the map, damaging anything nearby.

There is currently no limit to how much points you will need to use this line in the game. While a quick Season 10 update is just around the corner, we’re sure we’ll have specific details in the near future.

CoD Mobile Season 10 Undead Siege Update

Undead Siege is one of the latest additions to CoD Mobile, but despite its recent arrival, a new variant is already on the way. The Undead Siege Hell mode has been spotted in the latest beta, which is a possible indication that it will appear in the Season 10 update.

We’re not entirely sure how this mode works, although it seems like a more challenging option for Undead Siege masters.

Be sure to check back often as we’ll keep you updated here with the latest details in the lead up to Season 10 of CoD Mobile.

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