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by Poppy Askham

Half of the six schools receiving the most offers from Durham University are fee-paying independent institutions.

Eton College received the second highest number of offers to study at the university, while Westminster College ranked fourth, according to a Freedom of Information request submitted by Telegraph.

The first three private schools received a total of 1,030 offers from Durham between 2018 and 2020, while the remaining three public schools – Peter Symonds College, Greenhead College and Hills Road Sixth Form College – received a total of 1,005 offers.

The data showed that the school that received the most offers from the university was Hills Road College Sixth Forum. This was closely followed by Eton College and Qingdao Hongguang College of Foreign Languages, an independent institution with several centers located throughout China.

Private school pupils make up more than a quarter of the student body at 22 of the 25 Russell Group universities

A Durham University spokesperson responded to these findings, saying: Palatinate: “We actively encourage students from a wide range of backgrounds to apply to Durham, including those from backgrounds underrepresented in higher education.”

Nationally, six to seven percent of students attend fee-paying charter schools, but the cohort is largely represented in Russell Group universities.

The number of students admitted to Durham from fee independent schools was 37.8% in 2020-21, a rise for the second year in a row.

investigation by independent It revealed that private school pupils make up more than a quarter of the student body at 22 of the 25 Russell Group universities.

The schools that ranked first in the number of offerings received from Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh were all independent; The latter two garnered the highest number of offers to Eton College students.

However, of the 19 Russell Group universities that submitted the data, 14, including Durham University, made the largest number of offers to a public school and 11 public schools were listed exclusively in the top five recipients.

The university spokesperson was keen to stress that the institution has a number of schemes in place that focus on increasing the number of students from “low participation neighborhoods,” including a subsidized progression scheme targeting local students and a school membership system for high-profile schools with student proportions from low backgrounds. the acting.

This month, the Race family from Northumberland donated £1 million to a scholarship fund for young people from low-income backgrounds in the North East to study in Durham. It will provide £4,000 per year to four local students in history and liberal arts. Student Grace Purnell said the scholarship opened up “a field of opportunity.”

The university spokesperson also acknowledged the need to apply, saying: “We are not satisfied and are constantly working to make improvements to the admissions and support systems for all students, especially those who are underrepresented at Durham University.”

Photo: Alwye/Wikimedia Commons

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