Engineer shows how to add USB-C port to an iPhone

Engineering student Ken Bellonel shared a video last month showing a modified iPhone X with a USB-C port instead of Lightning. If you’re interested in doing the same with your iPhone, the student has now shared a step-by-step guide on how to put a USB-C port on your iPhone — but be aware that the process is very advanced.

The first video that Pillonel shared didn’t give much detail about the whole process, except to note that the Apple C94 connector was designed in reverse to support a USB-C female port. However, the engineer now offers a comprehensive tutorial on how to replace the iPhone’s Lightning connector with a USB-C port.

The approximately 14-minute video shows extensive details of how someone can modify the iPhone connector. Pillonel essentially created a mini Lightning to USB-C adapter that can fit inside the iPhone. Of course, in real life, things are more complicated than they seem.

Part of the process requires modification of the Apple C94 chip, which is used to manage the power entering the device and to identify certified Lightning cables and accessories. The result, as you can see in the video below, is an iPhone with a fully functional USB-C port.

As you might expect, this isn’t something most users will do with their devices – not only because it’s too tricky but also because it violates Apple’s warranty. However, Project Pilonel shows that Apple can certainly put a USB-C port on the iPhone if it wants to.

If you still want an iPhone with a USB-C port but aren’t interested in modifying your phone, the engineer is selling his first prototype on eBay — and bids have already reached $3,400.

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