Education in Canada: What You Need to Know Before Moving

Education in Canada: What You Need to Know Before Moving

Education keeps you ahead. Always.

Section 1: The Education System in Canada

Schools, Institutions, and Educational Opportunities

Education varies drastically around the world. Education in Canada varies in large part due to location. In most Canadian provinces, English is the predominant language of instruction. But if you are interested in living in British Columbia, your second language may very well be French.

Most Canadian provinces also have a school system. Depending on your own country of birth, you will attend one of the following school systems:

• British Columbia Public School System: This is a private, public, and independent school system, where you can choose from a public school, a private school, or an independent school. Students are generally taught in English.

Student Visa Requirements

Commonwealth citizens are eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship. (If you’re from New Zealand or Australia and/or Hong Kong, you must live here for 5 years or more, have a Canadian work/vacation permit and are permanent residents with $100,000 (Cdn $130,000) worth of Canadian assets. Only those who hold permanent residency with at least one parent living in Canada are eligible to sponsor their parents.)

Commonwealth citizens who wish to enter Canada on a visa must do so by using the E2 Visa Waiver Program.

A Canadian study abroad course and passing a biometrics test are required to obtain an EFTPOS card. (This is done at the Dominion Home Credit Union Centre or in an immigration office.

Why You Should Consider Studying in Canada

11 Universities to Study the Degree you Dream Of

Many students choose Canada for studying because of it’s diversity, it’s freedom of speech, and the high standard of living. Being a foreigner and living in Canada also makes it easier to pursue work/school in one of the world’s most developed countries. We have high standard of living, high standard of education and high standard of entertainment. So let’s get started…

Canadians pay considerably less for higher education than Americans. They also provide free university education for all its citizens. Don’t believe us? Here’s what you can do to learn more:

1. Study Computer Science

Most Canadians do not have a college education in science or computer programming.

How to Find the Right School for You

There are many types of schools out there. You just need to find one that fits your personality and your learning style. Learning styles include auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Different learning styles lead to various types of learning styles. This post explains in detail the different types of learning styles and how to find the best school for you.

How to Know Which School is Right for You

Most people consider going to school to have fun. These days, you learn more than just lessons. Most schools have a variety of activities. At my school, students are not only allowed to have fun at their school, but they’re also encouraged to make their own groups and to do activities together.

Pro Tip: Be honest when it comes to choosing the school.

What Living Expenses to Prepare For

Moving from one country to another can be overwhelming especially if you are planning to move overseas and most likely staying for a long period of time.

This will require you to adapt.

The goal is to make your life easy during this change in order to enjoy your time abroad. This will also help you stay financially stable.

Keep these 9 things in mind when planning your move.

Get ready to start packing,

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Moving Forward with Your Plan

Plan for your education before you start looking for a job. It’s easy to spend a lot of time on things that don’t help. You’ll never end up where you want to be. I personally recommend following my five-step plan. Once you’re employed, you can focus your time on your education.

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