Donate Life KY will host “Duet for Life” Scholarship Challenge on TikTok

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Louisville, Kentucky (WBKO) – Being an organ donor can save multiple lives and get your child paid for college money. Donate Life KY is raising awareness about the lifesaving gift of organ and tissue donation by challenging high school students across Kentucky for a “Duet for Life.” For the first time, the organization is taking on its annual social media challenge, incorporating the trend of the popular duo TikTok, which allows app users to split their display screen and create content alongside pre-existing video. Winners can receive up to $1,000 in scholarships.

“With TikTok making content creation easier than ever, our team thought it would be a great opportunity to join in the fun and engage audiences across this hugely popular platform,” said Crysta McGee, Director of Marketing and Communications. “We are always looking for unique ways to raise awareness of the impact of organ donation, and can’t wait to see what fun and creative ideas high school students in our area come up with as they also compete for scholarships! Ultimately, these students will help us encourage those in the local communities to register to be organ donors. We are pleased to assist them in this effort.” To participate, users must:

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  • Use the TikTok duet feature
  • Live within the KODA service area (Kentucky, Indiana (Clark, Harrison, Floyd, and Scott counties) and West Virginia (Wayne County, Capel County)
  • Use the hashtag #DuetforLife in the caption
  • Include the Donate Life KY logo somewhere within their content
  • Or include a fact about organ donation or a registration call to action
  • Or combine the colors of Donate Life KY, which are blue and green

When entering the Social Media Challenge, participants are not limited to dancing or singing, but can also submit videos that include various other creative expressions including creating art, cooking or playing sports. Content will be judged based on likes, shares, comments and reposts – participants can collect cumulative votes by posting their video on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The third place winner will receive a $250 scholarship, the second place winner will receive a $500 scholarship, and the first place winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship. There will also be an additional prize of $500 for a participant over 18 years of age. All participants will receive a free Donate Life KY T-shirt.

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In addition, Donate Life KY encourages schools to participate in efforts to increase registrations for organ donation. Schools that develop a registration engine with at least 50 registered donors will have the chance to win a pizza party for their entire graduating class. The prize for this competition will go to the first three schools with the largest number of registered donors.

Both competitions will take place starting November 1 and will run throughout the month with the winners announced in early December.

For more information on the Duet for Life Challenge or if the school would like to participate in the enrollment drive they can visit

About Donate Life KY:

Kentucky Organ Donor (KODA) is an organ procurement organization whose mission is to provide organs and tissues to those in need while maintaining a deep respect for those who gave. The mission of the Trust For Life (TFL) is to educate and encourage the residents of Kentucky to register as organ and tissue donors during their driver’s license and beyond. These organizations engage in education and outreach and use the national aggregate brand Donate Life; Learn more at

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